Free Estimates ~ Shower Doors, Mirrors, Glass

We’re happy to provide free estimates on standard and custom shower enclosures and doors, mirrors, and glass.

Give us your measurements (to the nearest inch, or so), and we’ll give you a price quote and estimated delivery time.

Measuring For Shower Enclosures And Shower Doors

If you’re measuring for shower doors and enclosures, you can download one of the PDF forms below, take measurements in less than 5 minutes, and give us a call.

  • Door only PDF
  • Door, plus fixed panel (also known as inline fixed panel) PDF
  • Door, plus inline notch panel PDF
  • Door plus inline panel, plus a 90 degree corner and a return panel on side PDF
  • Door, plus inline notched panel, plus a 90 degree corner with a return panel (also known as notch panel return) PDF
  • Inlines with a return PDF
  • Notched inlines with a return PDF
  • Door, plus inline notch panel and 90 degree return

Measuring For Custom Mirrors And Custom Glass

If you’re measuring for custom mirrors or glass, we just need to know the thickness you’d like, along with the length, width, and shape of the finished piece.

For more information, or for a free estimate, please call (303) 788-0828, or e-mail

Please note: Bel Shower Door is located in Denver, Colorado.